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<p>For her exhibition <i>room in room in room</i> at Kunsthaus Langenthal, Valentina Stieger (born in 1980) has invited three colleagues who have already collaborated in various constellations: Jessica Pooch (born in 1982), Lena Reiser (born in 1980), and Nora Rekade (born in 1977). These four artists interrelate their works and explore what they have in common, taking as their point of departure their interest in the design of the everyday, the artificiality of pop, prefabricated material, and temporary architecture. </p> <p>Together, they developed an intervention in the historic spaces of the Kunsthaus. Built from 1790 to 1809 as a department store, it served from the end of the 19th century as the town hall, until it became the Kunsthaus in 1992. The frequently panelled walls of the building, which is listed as a historic monument, where partially covered with simple installations to make them more suitable for their new function of exhibiting art. The result were spaces within spaces, or indeed rooms within rooms. Stieger, Pooch, Reiser, and Rekade take this one step further by creating spaces within the spaces within the spaces, which play with the floor plan, and in so doing rupture and transcend it. At issue here are not just physical spaces, but also social spaces that were tied to the various functions of the building – trade, politics and civic administration, art – and, finally, the space which emerged through the temporary collaboration of these four artists: a space created for and through their art. <i>Raphael Dörig</i></p>
Valentina Stieger
room in room in room mit Jessica Pooch, Nora Rekade und Lena Reiser
Exhibition View, Kunsthaus Langenthal
Ausstellungsdisplay: Decorspan Platte
Photo Credit: Valentina Stieger